Wooden Baby Chain Pacifier

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Wooden Baby Chain Pacifier

Wooden Baby Chain Pacifier is a made with wooden materials with no foul smell, all wooden beads are even, fastening is strong, weaving is durable and food grade product very safe for baby use.

Various and Beautiful Color Options.

Very Useful Chain Holder: Baby Pacifier chain holder best way to keep soothers/dummy clean and safe from falling off, No sharp edges so it will not harm the baby, and length is right and will not twist the baby.

Very even Wooden Beads that leaves no Marks.

Baby Friendly Design: Durable and easy to use with the clip and chain. One end can be caught in the baby's skirt,the other end can be chained pacifier.


Suitable for Babies up to 3 Years Old.

Wooden Baby Chain Pacifier is  suitable for pacifiers, soothes as well as teething rings and toys, car seat straps, high chair straps, baby blankets, drool bibs, other pacifiers and baby gear