Unicorn Wall Sticker

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Unicorn Wall Decal 

Brand: Dekornik Europe

These unicorn decals are perfect for home decorations. They can be used in a child’s bedroom, nursery, playroom, or living room, and are also ideal for public areas that kids would go such as the library, activity room, and more. They can also be used as kids' birthday gifts, party decorations supplies, party favors, festival gifts, and Christmas gifts.

Unicorn Wall Sticker

Wall sticker for a child's room - a quick metamorphosis of a child's interior.  The set is full of cute magical unicorns with stars and clouds, almost everything you can imagine for a unicorn party.  These wall decal stickers are surface safe, removable, and repositionable, so you can use them in any space and move them around whenever you want to.

Unicorn Wall Sticker

We have been preparing for this unicorn for a year since during our stay in Japan we saw a wonderful advertisement for natural cosmetics. Totally fabulous! With a fairytale vault and charming animals, jumping in the background. We decided that the unicorn must also visit Dekornik in Poland. 

We asked her for the unicorn and we got it. Our fairytale unicorns come in three sizes, ideal for putting them next to each other or on the main wall in the room and the wall surface above furniture.

Size S is great for decorating walls up to 150 cm wide. This one will be an addition to the room, e.g. above a bookshelf or a changing table.

Size M of the template is just fantastic for the area above the baby’s cradle. A perfect composition! It perfectly will fit above the surfaces of both 120cm long and 140 cm long cradles.

Size L is a proposal for a full-size bed or a cot next to which there is a changing table or… nothing. In short, L sized template would be great for a wall that is over 1.5m wide. This is because the entire composition will be approx. 170-190 cm wide in total. On the wall, that measures at least 2 meters which gives just a DREAM composition.


Template Small (75 cm x 50 cm)

  • unicorn with a cloud – 66 cm x 28 cm
  • clouds – width: 27 cm, 20 cm and two 17 cm each
  • stars – from 1.5 cm to 4.5 cm

Template Medium (103 cm x 70 cm)

  • unicorn with cloud – 92 cm x 40 cm
  • clouds – width: 37 cm, 28 cm and two 24 cm each
  • stars – from 2 cm to 6.5 cm

Template Large (150 cm x 100 cm)

  • unicorn with cloud – 132 cm x 57 cm
  • clouds – width: 74 cm, 41 cm and two, 34 cm each
  • stars – from 4 cm to 9.5 cm

The material has a strong acrylic-based adhesive and the so-called block-out function, which means that no color element on the wall shows through the sticker. The sticker has a delicate structure, barely perceptible (like the material), but it is this material that provides a strong and wonderful color reproduction, which is perfect for e.g. pets. They just look alive!

Our material is exceptionally easy to glue, and has strong glue, but not as strong as all advertising films, for example, that catch from the first second. The delicate structure on the surface of the sticker makes it possible to scratch it. However, it is not easy.

Stickers also do not have the so-called transport foil, additional, which so far was necessary for the production of all stickers. The simplicity with which stickers are affixed to our material allows you to avoid this additional and often redundant point of the program.

Any questions? Write to us: info.cozynursery@gmail.com

★ Not suitable for textured walls.
★ We recommend applying wall sticker to a clean, smooth flat wall surface
★ Colours may vary from the actual color depending on monitor settings
★ If you have just painted your walls please allow the paint to cure. This can take anywhere from 4-to 8 weeks!
★ Standard production time is 5-7 business days but we try to send goods as soon as possible.
★ Shipping rate can change due to fuel costs increase, please request a quote first.
★ Please read our shop policies before purchasing.

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