Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

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Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers is made with fine details through latest printing technology. The color is dark green, the lines of the leaves are clear, as if you can smell the faint fragrance of the leaves, and bringing you a refreshing and comfortable time.

Apply on clean and flat wall and surfaces.

Clear and Pure Color: When sunlight enters your baby's room to illuminate it, how harmonious the picture looks, the leaves seem to come alive, greeting you, making the room warmer and more vibrant.
Fresh and popular nursery room wall sticker.

Very Unique Design: The faint green leaves are like newly sprouting seedlings, which make your eyes deeply attracted. If you want to have a better experience, you can pasted a few more and make the room like dream forest. Mix and match with our different designs.

Available in multiple designs to choose from.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly Materials: These green plants leaf wall stickers are made of environmentally friendly materials. The green plants leaf wall stickers are waterproof and moisture-proof and will not damage your nursery room wall.