“Snow White” Teepee Tent

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Teepee tent for kids

Sleepover tents for birthday parties and an indispensable part of a playroom.

Your little adventurer may spend long hours exploring the world and playing, but upon return he or she needs a place to rest, eat, and make plans for further adventures. A teepee literally means a dwelling and is a word used by the Sioux, the indigenous people of the Great Plains. It is a space for all kinds of fun. And it has a window with a curtain to watch the surrounding area!

teepee tent

When the play is finished, you can pack the teepee back in the cover and put it away, for example, in the corner of the room. It does not take much space when folded, and the cover enables you to easily take it outdoors. There is a pocket inside where children can hide their toys, books and other treasures.

Our “Snow White” classic teepee is firmly sewn from a thick white cotton fabric. Versatile and elegant, it looks stunning in Scandinavian-style interiors.

Made of natural materials: 100% cotton fabric and pine poles.
Thanks to its five-wall structure, the tent is stable when it is put up, and the poles are rounded and placed in tunnels sewn together at the bottom. The teepee is perfect to use at home, in the garden or at the beach.

The set includes a play tent, poles and a cotton cover. Feel free to complement it with our beautiful decorations and accessories.

Fabric: 100% OEKO-TEX® certified cotton. Fabric weight: 260.
Washing temperature: up to 30°C.
Pine poles: 180 cm.
Height when put up: 170 cm.
Base diameter: 120/130 cm.

Customer Reviews

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Mercy R.

I love this tent! It’s spacious to play and very well made. The material is thick, the color beige is more like a natural fabric and there are some little dots, which makes it even more charming and rustic. I completely love it!