Hot Air Balloon Wall Sticker

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Hot Air Balloon Decals

Brand: Dekornik Europe

If you want your baby to have beautiful dreams then this balloon wall sticker is a perfect choice… Pure magic and dreams of traveling and discoveries are guaranteed: balloons, airships, kites, and ships with blue balloons between them. They all float in the calm sky in search of adventures.

Hot Air Balloon Wall Sticker

This balloon wall sticker is the perfect match for any wall or room, no matter what the interior is. This will let your creativity come out to create an extraordinary eye-catching display with minimal effort in no time. It is easy to remove and reposition wherever you would like, to give it more fun and to play with.

The sky is The limit is a set of seven large elements. They bring to the room an atmosphere of adventure, magic, travel, and the feeling of endless possibilities. The French colors we’ve chosen, red, white, and blue, make the stickers not too childish and cartoon-like but rather with classic, and classy, decorations.


The templates have two sizes (width x height):

  • size S: 85 cm x 70 cm
  • size L: 120 cm x 100 cm

Size S is recommended for those who want to arrange the wall above the furniture – e.g. above the cradle or changing table. Such a set is definitely enough to decorate the wall about 1.5m wide. However, if we want to decorate a wall that is wider (e.g. stands next to a cradle and changing table), please bet on size L. It’s a small difference in price, however, a smaller template is an ornament, and a larger one is… a spectacular effect!

Individual elements on the small template:

  • largest balloon, navy blue with a sash: 26 cm x 42 cm
  • the smallest navy blue and white balloon with stripes: 14 cm x 21 cm
  • airship: 43 cm x 19 cm
  • ship with lantern: 24 cm x 24 cm

Individual elements on the large template:

  • largest balloon, navy blue with a sash: 39 cm x 63 cm
  • the smallest navy blue and white balloon with stripes: 20 cm x 32 cm
  • airship: 64 cm x 28 cm
  • ship with lantern: 35 cm x 35 cm

Importantly, the stickers do not have a light border, so all elements can be glued on the walls in any color, although more – due to the choice of colors – we recommend balloons for bright walls! Only with ropes, black lines are bright elements, because the ropes are too delicate to peel them off the template and stick them on the wall again. Therefore, the spaces between them must be filled with white.

We used size L in our photos. We also added gold stars and silver stars sets and our Clouds in the sky set. The material has a strong acrylic-based adhesive and the so-called block-out function, which means that no color element on the wall shows through the sticker.

The sticker has a delicate structure, barely perceptible (like the material), but it is this material that provides a strong and wonderful color reproduction, which is perfect for e.g. pets. They just look alive! Our material is exceptionally easy to glue, and has strong glue, but not as strong as all advertising films, for example, that catch from the first second.

The delicate structure on the surface of the sticker makes it possible to scratch it. However, it is not easy. Stickers also do not have the so-called transport foil, additional, which so far was necessary for the production of all stickers. The simplicity with which stickers are affixed to our material allows you to avoid this additional and often redundant point of the program.

Any questions? Write to us:

★ Not suitable for textured walls.
★ We recommend applying wall sticker to a clean, smooth flat wall surface
★ Colours may vary from the actual color depending on monitor settings
★ If you have just painted your walls please allow the paint to cure. This can take anywhere from 4-to 8 weeks!
★ Standard production time is 5-7 business days but we try to send goods as soon as possible.
★ Shipping rate can change due to fuel costs increase, please request a quote first.
★ Please read our shop policies before purchasing.

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