Newborn Soft Cotton Sleeping Bag

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Newborn Soft Cotton Sleeping Bag

Newborn Soft Cotton Sleeping Bag is made from specially selected and high quality muslin materials that super soft and comfortable. The outer shell, which consists of cotton is Silky soft to touch, making it ideal for delicate baby skin. 

Angelic Looking Newborn Wearing this Flower Headband.

Baby Friendly Cotton Sleeping Bag : The muslin is also highly breathable and softens after every wash, guaranteeing a durable, high quality product. This product is filled with polyester.

Very Soft, Lightweight and Comfortable Newborn Headband.

Premium Super Soft  Fabric: Your babies will have a long and wonderful sleep using this super comfy muslin. Replaces loose blankets for safer sleeping. 

Designed with a Back Cotton Pad and Flexible Nylon.

Easy Clean and Care and Machine Washable: Cleaning the Newborn Soft Cotton Sleeping Bag is very easy as it can be hand washed and machine washed using mild detergents. Please avoid using strong bleach and hard scrubbing.