Newborn Faux Fur Rabbit Blanket

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Newborn Photography Faux Fur Rabbit Blanket

Newborn Photography Faux Fur Rabbit Blanket is a super durable and easy to care. This craftmanship rabbit blanket will stay beautiful with a little care. It can be hand and machine washable.

Hand and machine washable.

Adorable Style: Add style with this super-soft photographic fur blanket. Does not lose hair or move on the floor. Long-lasting quality blanket won't shed or lose its smooth consistency.

Long-lasting Quality

Long-lasting quality.

Best Material: It is made up of cotton and synthetic skin. The animal-friendly softness of a high-quality photographic fur blanket. No cruelty, just snuggly love!

Cotton and Synthetic Skin

 Cotton and synthetic skin. 

Very Versatile: This blanket can be used for the chairs seat cushion, kids bedroom rug décor, deluxe super seat cover, and the ripple wrap can not only be used as a baby photography props, but also as a blanket.