Newborn Shoe Socks

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Cute Shoe Socks

Newborn Shoe Socks: Baby Newborn socks are made of 90% cotton and 10% Nylon. Extra support at the ankle for a comfy stay-on fit for your baby feet.

Very Comfortable to wear shoe style baby socks.

The Baby Crew socks have good elasticity, Different color style suitable for 0-9-month-old babies. Unfolded Size:

Feet length: 7-9 cm 2.75-3.54 in
Ankle length: 4.5-6.5 cm 1.77-2.56 in
Ankle cut Width: 5.5 cm 2.16 in

 Choose from a wide range of popular colors.

Newborn shoe socks are very safe for baby walkers:  Adorable colorful pattern for your baby's cute little fee. Protect your babies' soft feet when learning to walk.

Made from super-soft genuine cotton materials.

Shoe socks are good for your babies: Although shoes are suggested when baby starts to run around outside, experts have found that when little feet are very young, the flexibility of the soft knit fabric in socks allows the baby’s feet the freedom to move and develop strong muscles.