Monster Halloween Baby Costume

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Monster Halloween Baby Costume

Monster Halloween Baby Costume is based on popular monster university pixar movie and some from other popular monster characters. The costume is the perfect Halloween attire for your baby.

Very Popular James P Sullivan Costume. 

Best Fit Halloween Costume: Super suitable for Halloween Trick or Treats baby attire. Your little one will have a wonderful time wearing this cozy monster costume.

Very Cute and Cozy Spider Baby Costume. 

An Amazing Photo Shoot Props: Perfect for memorable photography shoots. Will make a beautiful and and unforgettable first Halloween pictures for your babies.

Babies Love this Cozy Dragon Halloween Costume.

Multiple Use and Purpose: Adorable monster costume with soft plush feel. Great look dress-up, Halloween, role play, stage costuming, Carnival, Cosplay, Christmas, Holiday, Party, Birthday, Gift, etc