Leaf Shape Soft Crawling Play Mat

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Leaf Shape Soft Crawling Play Mat

Leaf Shape Soft Crawling Play Mat is a convenient way for baby learning crawl and playing on the floor. The soft play rug also acts as a safe surface for baby as they crawl around preventing them from getting hurt.

Soft and safe baby leaf crawling mat.

Durable Rug that Last: Power-loomed construction and enhanced polypropylene fibers ensure an easy-care and virtually non-shedding rug. This beautiful baby floor rug is great for nursery room as they look good and are very comfy.


Provides comfort to you, your kids, pets, and guests.

High Quality Material: The activity play mat to use super soft high-quality cotton, ensures all the comfort and well-being of the baby during its play or nap times. Your little ones will have long sleep and great time playing.


Beautiful color and design leaf mat.

Baby Movement Buddy: Your ultimate helper in improving baby’s fine motor skills! While stretching and kicking; it helps develop baby’s coordination, encourages your infants to move their fingers, toes, hands and feet.