Large Lace Dream Catcher Set

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Large Lace Dream Catcher Set

Large Lace Dream Catcher Set is made with each piece is skillfully woven by expert artisans with immense care and precision. The prime objective is to create a meaningful art piece with the most basic components like wooden ring, threads, laces and feathers.


Made from Superior Quality Materials of Cotton and Bamboo Ring. 

Multiple Sizes that Looks Good Together: The dimensions of this dream catchers are 16-35 cm/ 6.30-13.78 in; apt for decorating the walls and lifting the spirits of its surroundings. This dream catcher is sure to catch the attention of everyone entering its room.


Beautiful Bohemian Style Home Decoration.

Historical and Meaningful Wall Art Decor: Apart from being an object of art and décor, dream catchers are also believed to eradicate bad dreams. According to Native American theories; the inner web of a dream catcher catches the bad dreams, letting only the good ones to pass through.

These Dream Catchers add Warmth Touch to Your Room

An Extremely Universal and Well Loved Gift Idea: Having trouble selecting a gift for your loved ones; we got you covered! Birthday, Wedding Party, Baby Shower, housewarming or any other occasion; this dream catcher is sure to impress!