Knitted Rabbit Print Blanket

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Knitted Rabbit Print Blanket

Knitted Rabbit Print Blanket is a super soft and super safe baby cover for stroller, bed, crib, and many other purposes. It is made from high quality cotton material that is perfect for babies for a long sleep and gives comfort and security.

Super adorable bunny printed baby blanket.

Well Crafted: Excellent tight-knit woven craft offers great breathability and not easy to be out of shape, Our baby blanket is suitable for newborn babies and further as they grow.

Warm swaddle wrap great for cold weather.

Top Tier Material: This baby blanket completed with cotton fibers is super soft and comfortable, friendly to baby's tender and delicate skin. It will keep your baby warm in the winter and cool during the warmer months.

Available in different beautiful colors.

Multipurpose Baby Blanket: This is great for use in the car seat, in a pushchair, basket, buggy, pram or just in the cot. It is an ideal as a gift for newborns, mother, officemate, friends,  and your very own little cuties,