Knit Pompom Sleeping Bag

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Knit Pompom Sleeping Bag

Knit Pompom Sleeping Bag is made of premium cotton material. This baby wrap touches soft, comfortable, and friendly to baby's delicate skin. It is made with delicate knitting craft, exquisitely crocheted and hemmed, and no yarn off.

Provides comfortable environment for baby.

Versatile Applications: This unisex baby wrap can be used as baby stroller blanket, receiving blanket, sleeping sack and the forth. It is also an ideal gift for new parents, baby shower and more.

Gives baby a great sense of security.

Full Wrap and Half Wrap: You can use it to wrap baby's whole body to keep warm and cozy overnight, or half warp your baby to give baby enough space for baby's arm movement when he/she is awake.

Helps greatly baby's sleep.

Cleaning and Caring Tips: Hand wash, not easy to fade. Do not use hot water, wash with warm water. It can be used all year round. In the cold winter, clothes are not easy to dry, so you can use a dryer.