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Jungle Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a cute jungle wallpaper mural for your child’s bedroom or nursery, look no further than our heartwarming wallpaper design. This fun jungle animal mural for kids features stylish jungle leaves and trees, and hidden beneath them are four jungle friends that your child will love and admire on their wall – including a cute zebra and mighty lion.


jungle wallpaper 

Size: Customized size (Tell us Width & Height)
Price: $/ Square meter
Material available: Waterproof canvas
Package: The wallpaper is cut into several parts, and we will roll them together.


How to place the order?

Step 1: Measure your wall dimension: Height * Width = Square meter

Example: You wall size : Width = 3.3 meters ; Height = 2.6 meters.
According to area size is: 3.3 M * 2.6 M = 8.58 Square meters.


Step 2: Choose the right quantity when placing the order. Square Meter = Order Quantity

If you need 9 square meters, Please choose quantity 9 in the order.
If your calculated area is between 8.1-9.0, please select 9 ㎡ in the quantity when you place an order.


Step 3: Mark the width and height of your wall below the order.

Example: I need size Width = 3.3 meters, Height = 2.6 meters

If you do not tell us the size you need within 24 hours, we will produce wallpaper for you according to the default size below. At that time, we will not be liable if the wallpaper you receive does not match the dimensions of your wall.


Default Size:

Quantity 1 : 1 square meter = 140cm(W) x 70cm(H) (4'7" x 2'4") ft

Quantity 2 : 2 square meter = 200cm(W) x 100cm(H) (6'7" x 3'3") ft

Quantity 3 : 3 square meter = 220cm(W) x 140cm(H) (7'3" x 4'7") ft

Quantity 4 : 4 square meter = 250cm(W) x 160cm(H) (8'2" x 5'3") ft

Quantity 5 : 5 square meter = 280cm(W) x 180cm(H) (9'2" x 5'11") ft

Quantity 6 : 6 square meter = 300cm(W) x 200cm(H) (9'10" x 6'7") ft

Quantity 7 : 7 square meter = 330cm(W) x 210cm(H) (10'10" x 6'11") ft

Quantity 8 : 8 square meter = 360cm(W) x 230cm(H) (11'10" x 7'6") ft

Quantity 9 : 9 square meter = 380cm(W) x 240cm(H) (12'5" x 7'10") ft

Quantity 10 : 10 square meter = 400cm(W) x 250cm(H) (13'1" x 8'2") ft

Quantity 11 : 11 square meter = 420cm(W) x 260cm(H) (13'9'' x 8'6'') ft

Quantity 12 : 12 square meter = 440cm(W) x 270cm(H) (14'5" x 8'10") ft

Quantity 13 : 13 square meter = 460cm(W) x 280cm(H) (15'1'' x 9'2'') ft

Quantity 14 : 14 square meter = 480cm(W) x 290cm(H) (15'9'' x 9'6'') ft

Quantity 15 : 15 square meter= 500cm(W) x 300cm(H) (16'5'' x 9'10'') ft

Quantity 16 : 16 square meter=500cm(W) x 320cm(H) (16'5" x 10'6") ft


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jordan A. (Québec, CA)

Looks amazing. Thank you so much!!!

Cathy O. (Québec, CA)

This wallpaper is even more beautiful in person! We got the removable version & it was super easy to install with their directions. It looks custom & the colors look beautiful. We used this for our daughters nursery. I can't speak to the longevity of it yet but I highly recommend this wallpaper.

Graeme K. (Welland, CA)

The wallpaper was an absolute dream to work with. Didn't crease easy and held its shape real nice which makes it much easier to hang. I am a decorator so have worked with wallpapers a lot over the years and couldn't be happier with this. The measurements was real tight but that was down to me not properly planning my first drop and trying by eye, don't do that haha all in all we are both extremely happy with how it looks and it has completed our nursery.

Sammi B. (Québec, CA)

The seller was fantastic with prompt postage and good communication throughout. We had this wallpaper mural fitted today for our baby to best nursery and it is absolutely beautiful. Good quality, was very easy to put up and really has helped complete our room. Thank you so much. Would recommend to anyone.

Peter (Mesa, US)

Over the moon with this wallpaper. Really finishes off our 2 year olds new room and he loves finding all the animals on it. Great quality paper and easy to line up. Looking at getting more for other rooms