Hand-Woven Cactus Wall Decor

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Hand-Woven Cactus Wall Decor

Hand-Woven Cactus Wall Decor an attractive wall hanging decorations made from carefully hand-woven textiles and fabrics. Production usually takes 3-5 days ensuring the best and beautiful product that lasts.



Picture perfect background decorated with cactus decor.

Includes 2 to 3 lines with vivid color, elegant and universal. This rainbow wall hanging is a good choice for seasonal and holiday decorating, child's room or nursery.

Hand-Woven Cactus Wall Decor

Eye-catching and colorful cactus designs.

Handcrafted Beautiful Decorations made of textile and fabric rope. Add character and charm to any wall in your house with this woven cactus wall decor.

Hand wash or machine wash under a gentle cycle.

Perfectly fits baby nursery
, kids' room, living room, bedroom, dorm room, apartment, gallery, and backdrop decorations 28 x 27 CM.