Green Plants Wall Sticker

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Green Plants Wall Sticker

Green Plants Wall Sticker is a brand new, well-made, high quality, environmentally friendly, and very fresh DIY wall sticker. This is the perfect wall sticker for plant and nature-loving parents who wants to share the beauty of nature with their young.

Green plants fresh DIY wall stickers.

Easy to Put on and Off: These green plants wall stickers apply to any smooth surface to easily decorate your home. And peel away easily for fast repositioning without leaving behind any sticky residue. Don't worry about damage.

Not suitable for a dirty or rough surface.

Creative and Unique: Everyone loves vitality and youth things represented by these beautiful leaves. You will definitely marvel at such a creative wall decoration made with a unique design to add more joy to your home and an artistic vibe to your nursery room.

No irritant smell, waterproof, and easy to paste.

Multiple Applications: It can be used not only as a tropic leaf wall decal or floor stickers, but also as creative decorations on cups, handbooks, or laptops. It can be a gift for your family, your friend, your workmate. It will be a big surprise for them when receiving it.