Foldable Blooming Bath Flower for Babies

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Foldable Blooming Bath Flower for Babies


Foldable Blooming Bath Flower for Babies is super adorable, very usable, and extremely to use especially during baby bath time. Your little ones are gonna enjoy bathing with this colorful floral bath cushion.

Very Cute Floral Baby Bathtub.

Premium Quality Materials: Made from incredibly soft materials, cuddly feels, and adorable designs. These adorable, safe, fun, and convenient bath time experience for your cute babies.


Available in Most Popular Colors and Designs.

Best Bath Support: This baby bath cushion is designed especially to help the baby feel comfortable in any bathtub, soft and comfortable pillow supports the baby’s head and keeps it safe outside the water, while his or her body is safely submerged.


Can be Hand and Machine Wash.

Creative Flower Shape: Baby Bath Pad is an essential helper to make baby's bath safe and pleasurable from your newborn's first splash, with its plush materials, the cushion will cradle your child during bath time.