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Pink Flamingo Wallpaper

 Brand: Dekornik Europe

Bring some cheerful vibes into your child’s bedroom or playroom with our flamingo wallpaper mural. It features a background pattern with bright pink flamingos in the foreground creating a lovely feminine design that is cute and fresh. Your little girl will love spending time in her room with this fun tropical wall mural.

Flamingos Wallpaper

The Fancy Flamingo Wallpaper Mural is the perfect choice if you want a bold wall with a cute girly flair. Its monochromatic art creates a soft effect that has both depth and charm. This wallpaper will add some cheer to a space that is unique and interesting for your child.

Our pink flamingo wallpaper is one of our favorite pastel designs. Our graphic artist, Kasia, painted the most beautiful flamingos and we put them together to create a repetitive pattern. The flamingos are 35 cm long and are a perfect addition to the room of a little princess.


The wallpaper is divided into stripes:

  • Height: 280 cm
  • Width: 50 cm

The price is for one stripe.

These stripes will fit every standard flat as there is that extra 20 cm of length so that you can cut to the height of your wall. Ordering wallpapers in stripes is faster and simpler.

Just measure the wall and order the number of stripes that you need. You won’t need extended professional consultations anymore. Here you can’t go wrong. The narrow wallpaper stripes guarantee that the wallpaper will fit almost perfectly to the width of the wall. What’s more, the repetitive pattern, where each of the stripes looks identical, allows the pattern elements to be flawlessly arranged on the wall once we glue the wallpaper starting from the ceiling. Thanks to this, there is very little surplus material.

We produce our wallpapers on a special material that we have been looking for on the market for a very long time. It is a refined paper that beautifully reproduces colors. It is durable, matte, and snow-white. The material is certified non-flammable and meets all the requirements of the European Union.

The paper is not self-adhesive, therefore we recommend using not solvent-based glue to apply it. We especially recommend Flugger 377 glue (this is not an advertisement, we always use this product in our studio to apply wallpaper, hence the recommendation).

**Please note: Wallpaper is made to order. Returns and refunds are only accepted for fault or damage. Please choose carefully**

 Any questions? Write to us: info.cozynursery@gmail.com

★ Not suitable for textured walls.
★ Please measure your wall space and review the measurements in the description to order the appropriate amount.
★ We recommend applying wallpaper to a clean, smooth flat wall surface
★ Colours may vary from the actual color depending on monitor settings
★ If you have just painted your walls please allow the paint to cure. This can take anywhere from 4-to 8 weeks!
★ Standard production time is 5-7 business days but we try to send goods as soon as possible.
★ Shipping rate can change due to fuel costs increase, please request a quote first.
★ Please read our shop policies before purchasing.

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