Farm Animals Baby Costume

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Farm Animals Baby Costume

Material: This farm animal costume is made from smooth polyester and cotton which allows the baby to wear comfortably. the chic edging finish protects the baby's skin from fraying. 

Cozy And Comfy

Comfy and Breathable Costume

Enjoy Wearing: Farm animal costume design looks more adorable. The extra zipper near the diaper lets you change her without fully undressing her. It's very easy to clean and wipe off food/drinks, without leaving stains.

Looks Adorable

Looks More Adorable and Funny

Multi-Purpose: Spacious enough to pull over warm clothes during cold weatherIt's light and breathable, just the right thickness too. It widely used on pajamas, romper, costume, jumpsuit.

Cuddly And Fantastic Gift

Cuddly And Fantastic Gift To A Baby

Soft and Fluffy: It's fluffy, well-built, and plush on the outside as well. No feet on the outfit meant we can have her wear it over more time because it's not limited by her length. The hat is snug enough around her face, that the cold doesn't get in.