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33cm x 31cm

Kitten cuddly by the cherry seed insert is not only a cute toy but also warms you up.
A cute kitten will make every toddler want to cuddle him.
The possibility of personalization gives our toy a unique character.
It can be a great gift for a baby shower, as well as any other occasion.
It is a must-have for every layette that will help with colic, as well as other stomach discomforts.

Inside there is a removable bag filled with cherry pits.
Specially cleaned and dried cherry stones have constant temperature accumulation properties, also heated in a microwave/oven or placed in the freezer they give off heat or cold for a long time.

The heater is ready for use from birth - it is light and flat, so you can easily put it on your baby's tummy.

Mothers can also benefit from its properties.
It will also help with breast inflammation during lactation.
The kitten has cute embroidery, which makes it even cuter.

User manual:
Remove the bag with cherry pits from inside the toy and heat it in the microwave oven (1-3 minutes) or in the oven (preheat the oven to 100 degrees, then turn it off and insert the bag for 5-10 minutes).

After heating the bag to the right temperature, put it inside the kitten.
Outside, the cuddly toy is made of a soft polyester teddy bear.
Inside there is a lining and a cotton bag.
The bag is filled with ecological, cleaned cherry pits.

Do not put the entire toy in the oven, microwave, or freezer.
Only the pitted bag itself.
The heating element itself is not a toy.
Use under adult supervision.

Always check how your child reacts to temperature.
If the baby's skin is sensitive, place an extra layer of fabric between the baby and the hot water bottle.
Do not leave your child alone with a hot water bottle.

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