Chiffon Pompoms for Princess Bed Canopy

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Chiffon Pompom Balls

Chiffon Pompom Balls are fantasy hairball bed canopy can help you to transform baby and kid's room into a super attractive nursery. These fluffy and beautiful pompom balls will pair perfectly with our princess bed canopy.

Matches perfectly with most nursery room décor.

Amazing Nursery Room Addition: Hanging upside of the baby bed with beautiful decoration such as nightlight, dreamcatcher, feather macramé, baby pillow toys, and more gives an instant touch of romance to your baby's room.

Versatile straps length approximately 60cm.

High Quality Material: The bed canopy is made of high quality Chiffon, soft, breathable, lightweight and lighting blocking, perfectly giving your little baby a cozy and sweet sleeping environment.

Approximate sizes small ball 11cm and big ball 25cm.

Easy to Assemble: Height can be adjusted; Our bed canopy can fit into most environments, a private study, a living room, bedroom or even in a out house. Provide kids a wonderful corner to sleep, read books and play.