Button Knit Stroller Bag

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Button Knit Stroller Bag

Button Knit Stroller Bag is made of a high quality knitted fabric with a high quality cotton fleece as a lining. It is breathable and also has good warmth retention properties.

Warm and soft stroller envelope.

Exceptional Design: This baby sleeping bag is designed with a large opening so that parents can fit their baby more easily. The use of soft materials and reasonable and loose button design, so that the baby will not feel constrained while also ensuring a good fit.

Thick and ensures a good warm effect.

Full Stroller Cover: The baby sleeping bag has a fully wrapped design to fully protect your baby from the cold, and the soft cap provides further warmth. When the weather is a little warm, you can also remove the hat and unbutton part of the buckle.

Great for both cold and warm weather.

Versatile Applications: This baby sleeping bag is petite and easy to carry. It can be used as a baby sleeping bag, stroller sleeping bag, crib cover. When unbuttoned, it can be used as a sleeping pad and blanket and more.