Braided Knot Playmat

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Braided Knot Playmat

Braided Knot Playmat is made from top tier polyester cotton material great for a soft, comfy, and safe baby movements. The gentle surface is ideal for baby movement and activities like sleeping, crawling, and sleeping.

Ideal size for babies 50x50 cm.

Soft and Snuggly: Presenting our gorgeous, soft, and comfy floor handmade playmat! This adorable knotted plush play mat brings a sweet, playful, and hard-to-miss presence to any room.

Handmade nursery room baby mat.

For Various Use: Put it in front of a bed or crib, use it as a floor decoration, or display it in a playroom or other common space for everyone to enjoy. The knotted design is ideal for your young ones to play on, nap on, snuggle with, and love.

Available in beautiful colors to choose from.

Safe and Portable: The plush mat is made of skin-friendly hypoallergenic materials and is extremely soft for all children including babies. It’s large enough for your baby to play games on, and can be easily transported when folded.