Baby Bear Sleeping Bag Swaddle

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Baby Swaddle Blanket

Baby Swaddle Blanket is made of premium cotton materials that are super soft and amazing for babies that love to sleep. The blanket is suitable for babies 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9 months old.

baby swaddle blanket

Babies love Baby Swaddle Blanket.

Luxurious Softness: Comfort your little one with the amazing softness of our swaddle blanket! This baby swaddling wrap is made from premium quality fabrics, a soft cashmere material that will become softer with daily use.

baby swaddle blanket

Multipurpose Blanket or a Sleeping Sack for your Toddler.

Very Safe for Babies Sensitive Skin: The plush and cozy swaddling wrap is made with 100% natural faux cashmere, with no harsh dyes or other harsh chemicals. Our baby swaddle blanket is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, odor-resistant, and super gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

This Swaddle Blanket is Extremely Versatile

Perfect Gift Idea: Order this lovely swaddle blanket for your little one or as a thoughtful gift for a soon to be the mother or a baby shower, and you can be sure to win her appreciation! The lovely colors and unisex design is suitable for both girls and boys!

Customer Reviews

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Vanessa D (Québec, CA)
Super cute and very soft

Don't mind the photo on the carpet, I just opened it and I will wash it before using.

This outfit is super soft and perfect for winter babies. The price wasn't too bad and I'm happy to have a little thing like this for my baby this winter. Highly recommended!!!

Amanda O (Québec, CA)
Best gift I forgot about!

I got this as a gift at my baby shower and just found it in my closet. I put ny six week old in it and he's out like a light. Definitely going to use this in the stroller and when he's awake in the baby swing! It looks like there is plenty of space for him to wear this for another month or two - not sure how big folks babies are that said it wouldn't fit past newborn stage. My son was 5lbs at birth and this swamped him when I tried it then. He's closer to 8 lbs now and it fits great. This was a gift that came in its original packaging and is super soft! Great for kids that are Houdini and remove their arms from the swaddles. We use it with his pack n play and he loves it! Also great for in the stroller as a lap blanket!

Kevin U (Québec, CA)
Soft and Stylish!

I bought this for my cousin's soon-to-be newborn baby and she absolutely loves it! The packaging was nice and it came with clear instructions on how to use the wrap. Many people complimented how soft, comfortable, and stylish it was. I would definitely recommend this for a baby shower gift.

Maribel P (Estero, US)
A baby must have!

Perfect gift! Super cute and warm without that annoying thickness that makes baby uncomfortable when you carry them. Very soft .

Kimmy B
Perfect for winter

Love it! This was gifted to us on our baby shower (part of our baby registry). It's still a little too big for our newborn but it doesn't matter. It's soft, warm and fluffy, perfect during winter time.