Dalmatian Polka Dots Wall Stickers

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Dalmatian Polka Dots Wall Stickers

Dalmatian Polka Dots Wall Stickers is a very pretty baby room wall stickers that is made from environmentally friendly vinyl materials that is very safe for babies. This popular nursery room sticker décor will surely make your room more attractive and comfortable.


260 dot decals , each dot size is approximately 12mm to 25mm.

Well Crafted by Expert Hands: Vinyl cut decals have no background borders or colors and you’ll only be left with the design itself. This high-quality vinyl decal stickers come in perfect sizes, correct style, and color for the intended applications.


Very cute DIY polka dot spots pattern.

Very Easy to Apply and Remove: Simply peel and stick, then remove the transfer paper. These are the perfect way to make a statement without any hassle or redecoration. These peel-off vinyl decals are easy to remove with no residue left behind or you can leave them be and they’ll last years and years!


Perfect for nursery room for both boys and girls.

Multiple Applications: Our vinyl sticker decals are the perfect way to make a statement in any bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, nursery, children’s bedroom, dorm room, business office, workspace, gym, restaurant or anywhere else.

Important Tip: When removing the stickers, use hot air blower to remove it without damaging the wall.