Collar Strap Maternity Swimsuit

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Collar Maternity Swimsuit

Collar Strap Maternity Swimsuit is made from quality fabric and solid colors which is amazing for the summer season. A very creative collar strap and square front and back hollow to add more sexiness to the gorgeous pregnant mother.

A solid ruffle trim one-piece maternity swimsuit

High Neck and Chest Support: provides modesty and style and extra support for your chest. Enjoy the summer season with your family without the fear of wardrobe malfunction.

Padded cups on the bust. Ruched sides

Long Body and Lots of Room to Grow: Collar Strap Maternity Swimsuit is long and fully covers your growing belly. A lot of room to grow width-wise and lengthwise. Ruched side seams fit different body types and long torso well.

Gorgeous looking ruffle trim ruched design

Quick to Dry and Chlorine Resistant: Excellent for lap swimming, water exercise, and other low impact exercises. It can be paired with shorts or skirts for different looks and body types.