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Children Room Decorative Mirror

Decorative Mirror is an adorable baby friendly mirrors with no sharp edges, very cute character designs, made from quality materials and will not easily break.

Super Cute Character Designs that Babies Love.

Good Reflective Effect: These decorative baby mirrors has good reflective effect of increasing the indoor brightness. Babies love seeing their faces and thus making them happy and always smiling.

Made of Cartoon Wood Acrylic Mirror that does not Break Easily.

Durable and Dirt-Resistant: If the mirror is dirty, it can easily be cleaned with a dry cloth (Be careful not to scratch) to maintain and so that it can last a long time.


Quick and Easy way to Clean using Dry Cloth.

Popular Gift Idea: Order these popular mirror designs and we will wrap and send it for you as gift for your friends, family, loved ones, relatives and your very own little ones. This will surely put a smile in the face of those who will receive.