Glow In The Dark Stars Wall Stickers

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200 Brilliantly Glowing Stars are included in each kit. Also

*Lifetime Glow Guarantee - these are the only stars made with IllumaGlow2.0 - our Trademarked proprietary formula.

*Our stars are NOT merely stickers or decals - They are rigid, Thermo-molded and can be re-applied with a special adhesive putty that comes with your kit. You won't have to deal with dried-on stickers that are virtually impossible to remove from your ceiling.

* Each Kit comes with enough adhesive putty for all 100 stars

Option 200 comes with a Moon. (Only US delivery)

*A word about Putty - Our adhesive putty not only gives you the freedom to reposition your stars with the confidence that they will stick again, but has been tested to be safe for wall/ceiling surfaces - even textured or older popcorn-style ceilings. Other manufacturers use the less expensive double-sided foam tape, which loses it's adhesion properties after one application AND has been known to leave behind a messy, dried mixture of foam tape/dried glue that is extremely frustrating to remove. Bottom line is OUR putty is safe, Reusable and worry-free!

*Excellent tool for helping children who still struggle with being left alone in the dark.

**Important - Charge Stars prior to each use using a bright Room light, making sure your bulb is approx 1,500 lumens. or more.

Luminous: Products need to absorb light. Will be shining in the dark.