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Moses Basket Stand

Need a hand to put your little one to sleep? With a gentle push, you can rock your baby side to side as they drift off, while the plastic retaining bars ensure that your basket is securely held in place. This Rocking basket stand is made from solid natural hardwood with a smooth finished surface. Easy assembly, no tools required. The basket sits securely in the stand and allows you to sit beside it and gently rock your precious little bundle.

Moses Basket Stand

The Rockingbaby cradle is a rocker designed for Moses baskets. The cradle skids rock sideways. Why side-to-side? The "front-to-back" movement is a natural movement of the parent carrying the child and it has a positive effect on the vestibular system of the baby's brain (it is closely connected with the sensory systems in the body) and there is a lot of this movement in the life of a newborn - because the parent often hugs and carries the baby, while the "right-left" movement stimulates the production of neuronal connections of the brain, which are responsible for the intellectual potential of the child.

Moses Basket Stand

Additionally, it is possible to block the cradle with a special brake attached to the skids. The rocker also fits Moses Baskets with dimensions: width from 28 to 37cm. length of Moses basket at 20cm height from 65 to 77cm The cradle is made of solid, Polish beech wood. The product has been entirely manufactured in Poland.


Lenght (cm): 50
WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): 50
Height (cm): 50
Weight (kg): 3.5

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I went with the natural wood. It’s not as tall as I expected it to be. But I actually like the height better. It’s about bed height and the perfect length. When I put my Moses basket on top it’s still light enough to move around easily. The plus is that it doesn’t take up to much space either.

Diana M

It's very sturdy, was simple to assemble but had to use all of my strenght. I can't say how baby likes it, because I am not due before january.

Ester G.

This holds the tadpole Moses basket well, I choose the “natural” color stand. Easy to assemble, me being pregnant was able to do it.


It’s decent quality for the price. Assembly was not complicated. It’s pretty evident that if you screw too tightly, the parts will break so just be cautious. All in all, I’m happy with the purchase over similar products that cost much more.