Handmade Crochet Wood Baby Teether

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Handmade Crochet Wood Baby Teether

Handmade Crochet Wood Baby Teether is made through the art of Amigurumi or Japanese crocheting or knitting of stuffed toys. These teething toy is very durable and very easy to clean and maintain.   

Beautiful Hand Made Teether.

All Natural Teething Solution: This baby teething toy is an amazing first toy for your little one and is very safe for them to bite, play and hug for a good night sleep.

Safe for Babies Teething Toy.

High Quality Handmade Toy: These adorable teething toy is carefully and expertly handmade by expert hands making it very durable and very beautiful.  


Super Cute Squirrel, Rabbit, and Bunny Teether.

Super Attractive Photo Shoot Prop: Super Cute bunny, squirrel, and rabbit design is an amazing prop for your babies photo shoot sessions. Perfect for newborn photo shoot, first birthday shoot, outside shoot and many more.