Baby Head Protector Safety Pad

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Baby Head Protector Safety Pad

Baby Head Protector Safety Pad protects your baby's head while looking good at the same time. Don't need touch with the baby's head, use breathable alleviate the impact, protect the baby's head and backside. Suitable Age 4-24 Months.

Stretchy belt and adjustable string good for the baby.

Top Quality Material: This protection pad is made of great cotton, baby skin-close fabrics, soft and breathable. Odor-less and no harmful chemicals very safe for the baby's sensitive skin.

Flexibility features make it a fit for any baby size.

Lightweight and Adjustable: The shoulder straps can be adjusted flexibility; Conforms to the baby's size and designed to keep them feel comfortable while wearing it.

Well made to last a long time of use.

Great protector for your baby: Babies are easy to fall down, hurt their head and shoulder when learning walking, running and crawling, this red angel wings protector will help you protect your kids.

Keep baby safe while not bothering them at the same time.

Very Cute Design: Weight 130g, very light, and not any pressure on the baby's shoulder. A back protector pad has a Unique design, cute appearance, which makes your baby a bright spot wherever.

Customer Reviews

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Cathy O (Québec, CA)

Nice thing. My baby, he is 6 months old, only learning to sit, fell on his back a couple of times, but gently, on a pillow. Thanks to the seller. Very necessary thing.

Nadia L (Québec, CA)
Great Product!

After our baby fell backwards, just out of our reach, and smacked his head on our hardwood floors I was on a mission to find something to keep that from ever happening again! This product was the answer!! We have religiously strapped this on him and he hasn't hit his head on our floors since. The product works as described and protects your baby's head when they fall backwards. I recommend this to everyone with a young baby who is learning to sit, stand, or walk on their own. These are popular in Asia and I'm not sure why they haven't caught on here since it does work and is super cute!

Nikki V (Welland, CA)

Parents and caretakers of need this!! My little one is a little wobbly but she is fearless. I was trying so hard to come up with a solution and this was it! Hands down would recommend to anyone! We have already had a few saves to the back of the head.

Joanna G (Mesa, US)
Baby can play a little more freely

First of all it's super cute, but the most important thing is how good it has protected my baby two times already from landing on her head. I don't leave her unattended even when she's wearing it but she's starting to crawl and stand anywhere she can and God knows that I can't protect her every second from hitting herself even if I'm there with her.