Newborn Pearl Shoes

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Pearl Shoes

Newborn Pearl Shoes is the perfect baptism shoe for your newborn little angels made from cotton fabric and lace-up closure. With beautiful beads, lace, ribbon, and rhinestones giving the shoe an amazing look perfect for Instagram post.

Clean, pure, and very attractive pearl design.

Well Stitched and very Attractive Design: Each crystal is placed carefully by hand using the highest quality materials. Great as a keepsake in a memory box for your little one. 

Newborn Pearl Shoes

Well Stitched, quality hand made shoes.

Picture Perfect White Pearl Shoe: Carefully made shoe with soft inner parts made from soft cotton and strong outside frame to give support to the young one's gentle feet. Your little angel will look very adorable. 

Eye-catching ribbon closure.

Beautiful Lace Closure for a gentle way of making sure the shoe stays in your baby's feet. This newborn shoe can also be a great first walker shoe.