Anti Flat Head Baby Mattress

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Anti Flat Head Baby Mattress

Anti Flat Head Baby Mattress is the perfect baby pillow that is co-sleeping and reassuring baby. Ultra soft luxurious materials and cushioned edges provide a reassuring "cocoon-like" holding effect that helps in reducing startle reflex and lets baby play, rest and nap comfortably. Co-sleep worry free!

    Your babies gonna thank you forever when they grow up.

    Prevent Flat-Head Syndrome: Fitted head support distributes the pressure on skull evenly, ideal for keeping baby's head nice and round and prevent from plagiocephaly.

    Foldable for easy travel and care.

    Additional Benefits: An adjustable leg support roll made of micro-granules raises baby's legs to help with digestion, breathing, and colic. This natural fetal position also soothes baby by mimicking the cozy environment of the mother's womb.

    Easy to clean and portable.


    Customizable Size: Adjust the leg roll to the size of your little one for a perfect fit from birth up to 3 months (Use until baby rolls over)

    Machine-washable and lightweight (0.55lbs).

    Recommended by Healthcare Professionals: Patented osteopath design has been developed to provide the highest quality and safety for your baby. It has been tested and certified free of harmful substances to meet U.S. and European regulatory standards.