Cute Rabbit Crochet Wooden Teether

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Cute Rabbit Crochet Wooden Teether

Cute Rabbit Crochet Wooden Teether is a very beautiful unicorn design dream horn with handmade flowers, strong cotton thread, shiny pearls net, unicorns are docile and peace-loving animals,pure and holy representatives.

Very Cute Rabbit Design Dream Catcher.

All Handmade and DIY Fun: Decor includes colorful feathers, wooden beads, lace, ribbons, super dreamy and lovely, can be removable, you can DIY the dream catcher as your own preferences.

Cute Rabbit Crochet Wooden Teether
Perfect for Nursery Room Decorations that Babies Love.

Keep Bad Dreams Away: Hanging a Dream Catcher over or around your sleeping area, the bad dreams will be deterred by the catcher net and the colorful feather decor will attract and allow good dreams to pass through.

Very Detailed and Expertly Assembled Hand-made Decor.

Home Decoration and Great Gifts: Our flower dream catcher is lightweight and versatile for easy hanging from a wall or window frame. A perfect decoration for your home, nursery, party, or as a wonderful birthday gift.