Baby Feeding Bibs

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Baby Feeding Bibs Set
Baby bibs are great for protecting your little one from drooling, spit-ups, or simply just messy eaters. The unique design is also ideal for babies that have reflux or other conditions where they may be more likely to spit up than other babies. 

Bibs don’t just protect your baby’s clothes, they protect their skin and potential rashes as well.

Made from a soft and comfortable cotton material with a waterproof backing, these bibs are excellent at keeping liquids and food off of your baby’s clothes.

They can be easily washed either by hand or in the washing machine since it's made up of Muslin fabric. It can also be reused after getting washed.

These bibs are a perfect companion for mealtime for any baby. They come in an attractive gift box making them an ideal present for a baby shower or birthday.

The box comes with a bib, towel, and a soft body comb set. This could also be a perfect gift set for a new mom or a baby shower present.