After having my 3rd baby, I thought it’d be a good time to update my Baby Must Haves. This isn’t a list I created based on items that I have heard of or that look nice. 

We literally own and use basically every item on this list. These are true baby must-haves! This list could also be called 45 Newborn Must Haves, as they mostly refer to things you’ll want with a brand new baby!

You’ll notice that a lot of these registries must-haves can be found on Amazon– my favorite place to create a baby registry! It has everything you need, is so easy and fun to create your registry and add or remove items as you wish and BONUS: you get up to 15% discount when you buy any of the items on your registry! Also, they offer very easy 90-day returns on registry items, which comes in very handy. See my entire post about the benefits of an Amazon registry here. These are the best Amazon baby registry items!

Just a head’s up this is a very comprehensive list of baby must-haves. This is basically everything you need for a baby, according to me.



Our top must-have baby items continued…
baby registry sleep products


I love having Baby right next to our bed. This makes that possible, plus it’s simple and cute. 

Okay, this thing is one of my HOLY GRAILS of baby sleep. I swear by it! Baby girl has slept so well since we got it when she was about 1 month old, and I highly recommend it! Sleep is priceless.

Take your time. There is absolutely no rush to this part, in my opinion. :) You’ll need a crib mattress too!

Create your registry on Amazon now to save up to 15% on purchases you make from that registry!

Which mimics being in Mama’s arms, and has lots of settings for different rocking as well as white noise sounds.

This Fisher-Price bouncer is modestly priced and very durable. It also fits a wide range of baby sizes!

Newborn Lounger 
So when we first saw this, we totally thought it was useless. WRONG. We surprised ourselves at how often we used it! When you have an infant (aka a potato) who does not roll or move on his/her own, this lounger is AMAZING.

Sleep Sack 
A sleep sack is a must! Babies love that safety and security of the womb, which is why swaddling is so great. This sleep sack carries on that same idea for when swaddling is no more.

White noise 
Sleep will come easier with it and that’s priceless. It’s almost like magic. Almost. This chargeable, portable one will do the trick!

Video monitor
For our 2nd baby, we just got this IP camera and synced it up with our phones. It does just as well as the Motorola but does require wifi and a smartphone. If you’ve got that, you have a high-quality video monitor for $60!

Owlet baby monitor
This thing is so great! As a parent of a newborn, you can get very paranoid, am I right?! This takes away that paranoia and replaces it with peace of mind, as it tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts you if something isn’t right. It just connects to your cell phone and you put the little sock on your baby’s foot when they sleep! So simple, and such a priceless thing to have if you ask me!

Swaddle Blankets
The Halo Wearable Blanket makes swaddling a breeze, which is important when you are running on very little sleep and being awake at ungodly hours of the night. :) We also love the Halo sleepsack (the velcro is a game changer- makes swaddling super simple and quick!) and of courseAden and Anais muslin blankets are a must, and serve multiple purposes.



A nursing pillow is a must. A must! Great for tummy time too.

Nursing cover 
It’s all personal preference, but I like to have something to cover me a bit while nursing in public.

We tried a few different kinds, and the Avent are the ones that Sam took to the best. Each baby is different, but these are his favorite! To go along with bottles, a bottle warmer is AMAZING. We used it so much. Makes for quick and even heating. With Sophie, we’ve been using these Chicco bottles – the natural nipple that curves is AMAZING!

Create your registry on Amazon now to save up to 15% on purchases you make from that registry!

Boon grass drying rack 
Love this for drying all the little breast pump and bottle and feeding pieces. Of which, there are A LOT. There’s also the Boon Lawn if you need a larger size.

Breast pump 
I have the Medela Freestyle pump, and it is INCREDIBLE. Not too loud, very efficient, cleans easily and is super simple to use. The hands-free bra is a must-have, too!

High chair 
We were lucky enough to receive the Stokke Steps, which is an amazing high chair set, but super pricey. I love the bouncer feature, as we could have Baby with us at the table from infancy. :) For a similar look but way lower price point, I love this one or the Ikea high chair- it’s only $20!

Because babies are messy. Especially when they’re first learning to eat. Love this one too.


travel products to register for


Infant car seat 
We didn’t get this the first time around and just got a convertible car seat right off the bat. This time we got a Maxi Cosi infant car seat, and in my opinion it is a GAME CHANGER! It’s so great for getting around town and for easy car to house transfers, especially while Baby is sleeping! If only we had it with our first. Hindsight, guys. Always 20/20.

Ergobaby carrier 
I’ve tried quite a few carriers and this one is my favorite. It’s sturdy, comfortable and keeps baby close- right where they should be. :) Don’t forget the infant insert!

Baby wrap 
 I also love a good lightweight wrap. This one takes the cake for me, as it’s breathable, soft, folds up really small and doubles as a nursing cover! I also love the Solly wrap!

If you just have one baby, I highly recommend the (splurge) Quinny Moodd. It is our faaaaavorite. We also have the Baby Jogger City Select, since we needed a double stroller. I love all of the different seat positions, love that they’re close to each other and I just haven’t heard a bad thing about it! If you’re not looking to spend several hundred dollars, this Graco stroller is cute and has very high reviews on Amazon! And for a lightweight, umbrella type option, the Quinny Yezz is our favorite.

Jogging stroller 
We have the BOB Revolution and looove it.

Car mirror
Oh, this thing has made car rides non-disastrous. Babies love staring at themselves. And who can blame them? They’re stinking adorable!

Pack n Play 
If you’re traveling, this is a must. We’ll also bring this with us if we’re staying at a family member’s house during naptime. Packs up easily and Baby sleeps just fine in it.

baby registry necessities

These are truly baby registry must-haves!

Swaddle blankets 
Aden + Anais are our favorites. So soft, nice and big, ideal for not only swaddling but also as a light blanket, stroller cover, nursing cover, car shade, literally everything. Plus, the designs are so cute!

 Sam never really took to pacis, but for a little while that he did use them, they were a godsend. At the hospital, the nurses scared me so much about “nipple confusion” (there is some truth to it, but honestly, I don’t buy it, by the way) but then my aunt (a pediatric ICU nurse) snuck me some with a wink. Bless her.

Sophie the giraffe teether 
Sophieeeee. This thing. Both kids LOVED this! Yes, she’s pricey but you will get the worth of your money. Promise.

Drool Bibs
Because babies drool. A lot.

Diaper bag 
A cute one. One that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. Yes, it’s possible. My faves: this one, this oneand this one.

Changing pad
We have this one and got a few cute covers to go over it. It’s plush and nice!

Create your registry on Amazon now to save up to 15% on purchases you make from that registry!

Duh. We really loved Pampers for when he was a newborn because they have a strip that changes color when it’s wet. GENIUS. And they smell so good. Is that weird?

Again, duh.

bath registry essentials


Infant bathtub 
We have this one and love it- we actually still use it for Sam! It has a removable infant insert, which is great. Fits perfectly in the bathtub, too. I love this puj tub, too, as it can fold up into nothing and hang on the back of your door. For tiny bathrooms (like ours!) this is ideal!

Hooded bath towels
CUTE. And functional. Gotta keep that sweet noggin nice and warm. :)

Burp Cloths 
Definitely, need. In the newborn days, we did this thing that Zack referred to as the “burp cloth sprinkle.” Burp Cloths. Everywhere. Because you just never know. Ha! Any old burp cloth will do, but I’ve heard that cloth diapers work best, so that’s what we’re doing this time around. Can also be used as washcloths! Double whammy!

Body Wash/ Shampoo / Lotion 
One of my favorite times of the day is putting on lotion after Sam is freshly bathed. That soft clean baby skin is comparable to nothing in this world. And he’s ticklish, so he always giggles when I put lotion on him and it’s the best thing ever. We love Mustela and Burt’s Bees a lot!

Rubber ducky 
You’re the one. You make bath time so much fun! Rubber ducky I’m awfully fond of you.

clothes for baby


Basic onesies 
Because blowouts are a constant, one can never have too many onesies. Don’t get attached. You’ll be throwing some away.

Sam scratched his face a lot when he was a newborn. Mittens to the rescue!

These are a must to keep those little baby tootsies nice and cozy warm!

Footed Jammies
As much as I love the little snaps or buttons, I recommend the kind with zippers to save you some frustration during those late night diaper changes.

Baby moccs
Totally unnecessary but totally adorable. Sam has accumulated quite the collection that we’ll be passing down to the next babe!

toys for baby registry


Skip Hop activity gym 
Babies looooove these little play mat things. Sam would lie under this and play with the little animals all the time. Definitely a must-have! We found ours on clearance at Target for 1/3 of the price, so look around!

Teething toys 
Just get a bunch of these, because they are invaluable. The Nuby keys are cute and Sam loves them! Pro tip: throw all your teethers in the freezer and have them ready for when Baby needs them.

Baby Einstein musical toy 
This thing literally entertains a baby for hours. Okay, maybe not that long, but seriously. It’s amazing. Bring it in the car and the crying ceases.

Obviously. It’s a baby. This is too classic of a toy not to have.

Stuffed animal
Sam has a super soft bunny just like this, and it is the sweetest.

Board books!
We love love love all things Sandra Boynton, and really any and all books are a hit. We also love Brown Bear (and friends) books. Babies love being read to. :) One can never have too many books.

And inevitably, your baby’s favorite “toys” will be anything that is not really meant to be a toy, i.e. pots and pans and boxes and remotes, so don’t sweat the toy stuff too much.


A little note about Amazon’s registry. I love using Amazon for my baby registry. It’s so easy and you can basically add anything in existence to your registry. Also, the 15% completion discount is enough to create a registry right there! I mean, 15% off diapers and wipes? Yes, please! You can create your registry by clicking (affiliate link, thanks for your support!) on the image below.