Nordic Style Nursery Basics

Nordic Style Nursery Basics

Scandinavian Style interiors are famous for simplicity, functionality, natural color scheme, wood, lots of light, space and simple graphics.

Let’s start with simplicity. What it means for a nursery or kids room design.

First of all, it is about shapes. The furniture you choose has to be as simple as possible without bright colors, flowery patterns or vintage legs and lamps. Just one wrong piece of furniture or accessory can ruin the whole picture. The best solution is to cut it all to squares, rectangles, and straight lines.

Scandinavian style is about functionality. It is important to think in advance how this nursery will be used when the baby outgrows and needs space to play and learn. Keep in mind to keep the space for toy and book storage for toddlers along with small wardrobes, standing hangers and play tents.

The next very important feature of a Nordic Style is the natural or even white colors. White walls, white rugs, white bedding, white curtains, and white canopy. Wouldn’t it look blank? No! You can play with textures and use woven rugs, woolen or faux fur blankets or poufs, transparent cotton white canopy or anything you can think of but in different textures. Some pieces can have the special Nordic pattern we will tell about in detail in a separate post.

Wood is essential for this style. The best thing is to have natural wooden floors of light color like birch, light oak or brushed oak, ash, maple. It should have a bit of white tint.

Wooden or with some wooden parts cribs, tables and chairs, storage elements, shelves, and decor. The interior will be eco-friendly and very light at the same time without all these chemical colors of modern life. Easy to breathe and easy to live:)
Light. Nordic design and daylight also go hand in hand.

Make sure the room has lots of natural light and avoid using heavy curtains and blocking the windows. You can use blinds to protect your baby’s day sleep but keep them closed during the day to let daylight coming to the room.

What lamps to use in a Scandinavian Style nursery?

Most Scandinavian modern lighting features a simple, neutral white aesthetic and the same clean lines.

Pendant lights are relatively inexpensive, come in a large variety of choices and has the flexibility. From Ikea like KNAPPA, GRIMSÅS to Globe Round Glass Shade pendant ceiling lamps.

For the extra lights, it is good to use floor lamps with a wooden base and kids night lamps in white rabbit shape that are now extremely popular in Nordic Style nurseries.

These are the basics of Nordic Style. In the next post, we will tell you about 10 best decor ideas for Nordic Style Nursery or kids room.
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