Unicorn LED Night Light

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Characteristics of the night light:

♦ adjust the brightness of the light at 50 and 100%

♦ works from two finger-type batteries, lasts for 1.5-2 months with the inclusion of each night

♦ batteries are easy to replace

♦ The switch is located on the side, it is convenient to turn on even when the night light is hanging on the wall

♦ on the back there is a mount for hanging on the wall

♦ only environmentally friendly and harmless materials are used

♦ life of LED bulbs 100,000 hours!


20 LED diodes, type - F5,

1,3W, 3V, 3000K, WARM WHITE


Height ~25 cm / width ~35 cm / depth –4 cm

Weight with packing: 1,2 kg