Pastel Llama Toy

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Pastel Llama Toy

Pastel Llama Toy is a very cute and very popular gift for little ones, for your friends and for yourself. Made from cotton and polyester material and made through careful and well trained hands to deliver an exciting and delightful nursery room toy.


Ideal size: 25cm, 35cm, and 50 cm.

Premium Quality Material: This adorable llama is made of natural soft plush outside and stuffed with 100% pp cotton. This is safe and non-toxic, so parents can be assured when kids and babies are embracing it.

Very beautiful rainbow design toy.

Safe for Babies: There are no beads or buttons that can fall off or be torn off by kids, thus parents also don’t need to worry about that small parts which may cause suffocation if swallowed by children. This toy is also very safe for your babies very sensitive skin.


Great nursery room toy and decoration.

Amazing Gift: An amazing gift to celebrate kids’ birthday, a smoothing toy when they go to bed, a friend you will never worry about betrayal of secrets between you two, and a companion of your childhood or growth. This lovely and colorful toy will play and help improve your little ones' imagination.