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Newborn Feather Photography Props

Newborn Photography Props are made of soft cotton material, which are all skin-friendly, make babies more comfortable and safer to use, and reduce the chance of allergies. They’re gentle on sensitive skin and will not hurt the baby.

Colorful feather props in different colors.

Multiple Creative Applications: This beautiful, popular, and very versatile feathers in different colors can be used for different creative purposes. It can be used as a nest, a back- drop, party decoration, nursery room décor, and many other applications.

Tell us your preferred color and we will prepare it.

High Quality and Safe: This prop is very skin-friendly because it is made of high quality faux that does not easily fade. The softness and comfort makes is ideal for baby to use, so you don't have to worry about your baby getting hurt.

Brand new, unique, and very popular props.

Popular Gift Idea: This handmade fashionable and adorable feathers is an absolutely wonderful gift for your loved ones. It's the perfect accessory for your special occasion such as birthday, party, newborn party costume, baby photo prop, crochet baby clothes and so on.