Macrame Wall Hanging Garland

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Macrame Wall Hanging Garland 

Macrame Wall Hanging Garland is a handmade DIY craft, vintage, well made, and lovely. Made of cotton thread with Bohemian style which is very popular nowadays and can be used for multiple purposes.

Super beautiful nursery room decoration. 

High-Quality Materials: 6 mm (1/5") diameter Eco cotton cord. 8pcs wood beads. Simple:8.0 inches x 9.0 inches. The ideal size makes it a perfect hanging decoration not just for your nursery room, but for another place in your home and for many celebrations.

Macrame hand weaved wall hanging banner.

Handmade and Well Made: The banner has 7 "flags" and the distance between each one can be easily adjusted. It measures approx. 45.0 inches from the first to the last flag. The length of the hanging rope is approx. 280cm/ 110inches.

A perfect gift for a person who enjoys bohemian art.

Super Adorable Design: Unique design, after hours of knotting, using natural materials giving a minimalist feel and creating a relaxed feel in the room. This is perfectly fit in the interior of the living room, bedroom, baby nursery, kids room, and even a cozy café or a studio.