Macrame Wall Hanging Curtain

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Macramé Wall Hanging Curtain

Macramé Wall Hanging Curtain measures approximately 81x115cm/31.8”x45.27”. The woven wall hanging tapestry garland has multiple triangles and long tassels to give it a unique and beautiful overall look.

Handmade knitting wall hanging tapestry.

Beautiful Handmade Curtain: This Macramé wall hanging curtain is handcrafted, made from cotton polyester macramé that is proven to be very durable. Bohemian tapestry can be used with any color wall.

European, American or modern minimalist style.

Perfect Baby Shower Gift: The woven wall hanging decoration can used as a gift at any time, especially for housewarming, Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, weddings, Mother's Day and other festivals. It will most specially make a lovely baby shower gift.

Multipurpose macramé hanging curtain.

Great for Mommies and Babies: Natural organic cotton thread, pregnant women and children can also be intimate contact, without any odor. The woven tapestry has the function of temperature regulation and versatile decoration, which is essential wall pediments for home.