Jungle Mural Wallpaper

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Jungle Mural Wallpaper

Jungle Mural Wallpaper is like our Vintage Flowers Wallpaper, very popular and very on-demand nursery room wall decoration that matches almost types of nursery room. This is the perfect nursery room wall sticker for nature and jungle scenery lovers.

Self-adhesive jungle themed wallpaper 1m2.

Exciting Giant Leaves Mural: Original design with great artistic sense is suitable for use in many scenarios, such as tv wall, sofa wall, dining room, bedroom, aisle, porch, and specially for your nursery room. Your little one will love this giant green leaves as they play.

Beautiful wall enhancer for your nursery room.

Important Reference Table: The wallpaper is sold per square meter. Please refer below for your guide in determining how many pieces you need for your wall.

                                  WIDTH   X   HEIGHT

Quantity: 1 sqm = 125cm x 80cm (4'1" x 2'7")
Quantity: 2 sqm = 170cm x 120cm (5'7" x 3'11")
Quantity: 3 sqm = 200cm x 150cm (6'6" x 4'11")
Quantity: 4 sqm = 250cm x 160cm (8'2'' x 5'3'')
Quantity: 5 sqm = 280cm x 180cm (9'2'' x6'10'')
Quantity: 6 sqm = 300cm x 200cm (9'10'' x 6'6'')
Quantity: 7 sqm = 325cm x 215cm (10'8" x 7')
Quantity: 8 sqm = 350cm x 230cm (11'5"x 7'6")
Quantity: 9 sqm = 360cm x 250cm (11'9 "x 8'2")
Quantity: 10 sqm = 375cm x 265cm (12'3"x 8'8")

Allowance is allocated for overlapping parts.


High Quality and Safe: Printed on an innovative and durable material that is non-toxic + environmentally friendly. Choose from various height options to fit your nursery space.