Dark Grey Braided Crib Bumper 2 m

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Multifunctional Product: 

The baby bumper pillow can be used in a variety of uses such as bed bumper, breastfeeding support, the developmental toy for strengthening your baby's shoulder belt, etc. 

Baby Cot Protector: Prevent babies from bruising themselves against the bed while sleeping. Keep your baby's head, legs or hands in safety.

Colour: Grey Green White

Caring for Braided Crib Bumper:

  • Solid color braided bumpers can be easily spot cleaned or machine washed in low temperature on gentle cycle.
  • Please note that mixed color bumpers should not be machine washed due to a possibility of color transfer. Mixed color bumpers or knot pillows should only be spot cleaned when required. 

Size: 200 cm


Safety For Your Baby


  • If your baby rolling into the sides of the crib at night or bump his head or hands during the sleeping time - the snack baby bumper will help you!
  • This crib bumper doesn’t have ties, for increased safety of babies' fingers and toes.

Does it fit the whole crib?

  • Every crib is different but generally speaking, you will need 2 crib bumpers to fit inside one standard size crib. Every crib is different, but the size of this crib bumper is 200 cm ( 2 meters/ 78 inches)
  • Please measure your crib before ordering to be 100% sure that this is the correct size to avoid disappointment and frustration. 


  • Due to the high demand for this item, it will arrive within 2-4 weeks as it gets shipped from our warehouse right to your doorstep.