Giant Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

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Giant Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

Giant Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers is a clean, beautiful, relaxing, and very popular jungle leaves wall stickers that will surely make your nursery room very attractive. This lovely wall sticker is very ideal for almost all types of baby's room for both boys and girls. 

Perfect for nature lovers parents.

Greatly Improves Baby's Room: When sunlight enters your baby's room to illuminate it, how harmonious the picture looks, the leaves seem to come alive, greeting you, making the room warmer and more vibrant.
Fresh and popular nursery room wall sticker.

Versatile Wall Stickers: Can be easily applied or removed, leaving no residue to your walls. Can be used on latex wall surface, Ceramic tile surface, glass surface, metal surface, wooden surface, plastic surface.

Can cover a lot of nursery wall space.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly: This lovely nursery room wall sticker is environmentally friendly, self-adhesive PVC material, non toxic, odorless, and can be easily removed. Just peel and stick.