Floral Cotton Swaddle and Headband

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Floral Cotton Swaddle and Headband

Floral Cotton Swaddle and Headband is a super adorable and attractive newborn swaddle blanket that looks like a very cute little cocoon. The materials used are top quality with superior comfort, softness, and durability of color and fabric.

An Amazing Baby Photo Shoot Props.

Cute and Beautiful: Baby Receiving Blankets matching swaddle and headband, floral print, vibrant and detailed, the trim of the blanket is sown nicely to prevent from unraveling. This beautiful floral swaddle blanket and headband set are light weight and stretch perfectly around baby. Great Value!

Pink and White Colors Perfect for Newborn Babies.

Stretchy and Gentle Soft Material: Cloth, stretchy and soft knit fabric that is super comfortable; Approx: 35.43" X 35.43", this baby swaddle and headband set suitable for 0-12 Months old babies.


A Beautiful Baby Shower Gift.

Portable and Easy to Use: These Baby Receiving Blankets are designed to be so soft and comfortable for your baby, not worry about it coming loose, also it has enough give where she can wiggle around a little bit and stretch out her legs.