Baby Floral Swaddle and Headband

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Floral Cocoon Swaddle and Headband

Floral Cocoon Swaddle and Headband is the perfect photo shoot cocoon wrap props for your newborn babies and an amazing daily blanket swaddle as well. Made from quality cotton that is very soft, comfortable and gentle for your baby's skin.

Super Attractive Swaddle Blanket and Headband Set.

Saddle Blanket and Hat Set: Floral swaddle blanket with headband will lull your little one comfortably off to dream land. Your little ones will always have a good night sleep.

Perfect Gift for Many Occassions.

Crib Blanket Set: Lay baby down in a crib or playpen securely swaddled so that  babies will be less fussy and more secure. This blanket will suit well in any crib design and sizes.


Use as Photo Blanket and Take the Cutest Pictures.

Keeps Baby Comfortable for All Types of Season: Great for your little on in any season: fall, winter, spring, or summer. Plus, keep those first tufts of hair out of baby’s eyes and off his or her forehead for comfort.