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Woodland Nursery Decor

Brand: Little Lights Europe 

 This beautiful deer lamp is ideal for a child's bedroom and baby nursery. Woodland theme nursery night light. Thanks to the LED technology, this nursery lightning provides a soft and warm light, which is illuminating but not dazzling and creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. It helps to reassure children so that they fall asleep easily and have nothing but sweet dreams. Each lamp is unique and is handmade in the Little Lights workshop in Krakow, Poland. This family business uses solid pine wood which makes the lamps strong and durable.

nursery night light

This majestic Little Lights Deer Lamp demonstrates to your doe-eyed little one just how easy it is to get comfortable and doze off. Our high-quality children's night light is handmade from 100% natural pinewood, making it as strong and durable as it is beautiful. Add this peaceful fawn to your nursery decor today!

 nursery night light deer lamp

This pretty Little Lights lamp is ideal for a child's room. Thanks to the LED technology, the lamp provides a soft ambient light that is illuminating but not dazzling, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere that will help them fall asleep and have the sweetest dreams!

Artisan work. This lamp is unique and has been handcrafted in the Little Lights workshop in Krakow, Poland.

This family business uses solid pine wood which gives the lamp strength and durability.

deer lamp
Delivered in a box, decorated with water-based paint, remote control with dimming function and timer, can be hung (each lamp has a hole for this purpose on the back), can be left on all night, white cable.
Socket with switch, Prise d'alimentation de 2.2 W, Entrée : AC 100-240, Sortie : DC 5V, LED blanc chaud

Available in Brown or Grey

Height : 19 cm, Length : 37 cm, Depth : 5.5 cm
RoHS certified CE certified
Size (in inches) 14.5×7.5×2
Solid Pinewood
LED Lights / Warm White 2,2W
Input: AC 100-240 Output:DC24V
Switch on the cord

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