Cotton Floral Dress with Sunhat

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Cotton Floral Dress

Cotton Floral Dress with Sunhat has Vintage Floral touch that will surely make your little princess look good and feel good. It's an amazing dress to wear to add to their self-confidence.

 The Hat is an amazing compliment to the dress and perfect for outdoor.

Knee above length, elegant vintage floral printed, with a sunhat, very suitable for wearing in summer or going for holidays, vacation.

Sizes and Designs: A huge variety of sizes, colors, and designs to choose from. Back zipper design, easy to wear.

Ideal for Summer, Beach, Picnic, and Other Outdoor Activities. Girls sleeveless, breathable and elastic, super soft and comfortable, ideal for summer.

Made with 80% Cotton and 20% polyester.

NOTE: the hat is a GIVEAWAY, because of packaging restrictions, it was folded and flattened with some crease. Please open it and iron it to regaining shape.