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  • IMAGINE YOU HAVE NO WALL DAMAGE OR DOOR BANGING: Have you just made a refurbishment and have new painted walls? So you can protect your home with our ANTI SLAM DOOR STOPPER. It easily, quickly and quietly bounces from the wall with no mark on the wall. It is a GREAT DOOR NOISE STOPPER. Eliminates the noise of slam completely.


  • FORGET ABOUT DRILLING WALLS: Easy to use NO FIXING NEEDED for the WALL and HANDLE PROTECTOR and it is INVISIBLE on the wall. No sticking to the wall. It doesn’t ruin your room design. No installation and drilling walls, tile and wooden floor. Just put Handle protector on the door handle!


  • While we won’t say this is the BEST DOOR STOPPER on the market, customers rate it a solid 4.85, better than any of the competitions. It is all about SAFETY and is baby proofing door stopper. NON SLIP DOOR EDGE BUFFER handle bumper is everything you need in a Wall Protector. It will fit the handle without moving and rolling over. Made from high-quality PVC material.


  • * Wall Door Stopper FITS THIN AND THICK DOOR HANDLES up to 1,2 inch diameter (30 mm). It has 2 holes. First internal diameter 0,5 and stretches up to 0,9 inch (14-25mm). Second internal diameter 0,7 and stretches up to 1,18 inch 18-30mm). Good quality silicone allows to stretch it a little bit if needed but if your door handle is much bigger in diameter all you need is to put the door handle stopper into hot boiling water just for 5 seconds and it will stretch on any diameter door handle.


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Manufactured by Basic Outline

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